thumbnail_img_20161112_192820SOME KEYWORDS OF MY RESEARCH….

….SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION, critical studies, cultural studies, SOCIAL JUSTICE, EDUCATION, schooling, vocational education, higher education, adult education, equality, equality work, (new) governance, projectisation, POWER, power relations, AGENCY, differences (gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, disability…), SUBJECTIVITY, young people, adults, youth ‘at risk’, governmentality, new public management, marketisation, managerialism, neoliberalism, knowledge capitalism, heteronormativity, poverty, crime, hierarchies, subjectification, vulnerability, therapeutic ethos, therapisation, transition machinery, entrepreneurialism, performativity, precarity, activism, discourse virtuosity, poststructuralism, DISCOURSE, qualitative methodology, genealogy, deconstruction, becoming, resistance, counter-politics, affects, network governance, FOUCAULT, Derrida, Butler, Spivak, Davis….