“I work as a professor (tenure track) of social justice and equality in education in the Uni of Helsinki. I am keen on researching something that is politically relevant, something that makes sense of this world and our thinking.

I am an old hippie who was born ca 20 years too late.”



SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION, critical studies, cultural studies, SOCIAL JUSTICE, EDUCATION, schooling, vocational education, higher education, adult education, equality, equality work, (new) governance, projectisation, POWER, power relations, AGENCY, differences (gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, disability…), SUBJECTIVITY, young people, adults, youth ‘at risk’, governmentality, new public management, marketisation, managerialism, neoliberalism, knowledge capitalism, heteronormativity, poverty, crime, hierarchies, subjectification, vulnerability, mental health, disturbing behavior, anxiety, therapeutic ethos, therapisation, transition machinery, entrepreneurialism, pedagogisation, performativity, precarity, activism, discourse virtuosity, poststructuralism, DISCOURSE, postcolonial, qualitative methodology, genealogy, deconstruction, becoming, resistance, counter-politics, affects, network governance, FOUCAULT, Derrida, Butler, Spivak, Davis….