The AGORA for the study of social justice and equality in education is a research community and a research centre at the University of Helsinki. The centre consists of research groups and individual researchers that share multidisciplinary approach to the questions of social justice and equality through the whole educational system and beyond.

The AGORA Centre coordinates and develops educational research, international networks and research projects. It brings together scholars from a wide variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds, who share an interest in critical theories and methodologies in education. Members of AGORA are interested in questions such as social justice, equality, differences, power, global issues, collectivism and multiplicity. Politics and practices of education and beyond are studied in various contexts. It also provides research based teaching and supervision for PhD students and educational programmes. Collaboration with public, private and third sector organisations is active.

AGORA wants to promote inclusive, non-hierarchical and collaborative academic culture. The concept of rhizome reflects theory and research that allow multiple ways of doing. There is no particular shape the rhizome has to take and no particular territory to which it is bound. Rhizomatic activity encourages getting involved, refining and improving research. AGORA is also vigilant about the policies regarding the education and takes part in public discussions. In the research centre, critical thinking is strengthened. Fresh rethinking of the conventional is encouraged. Members of the AGORA are invited:

  • to conduct and share research related to education
  • to drive for new thinking, critical theories and creative methodologies
  • to create collaborative research agendas and to engage in relevant research projects in multi-disciplinary ways, also to establish a platform for greater funding
  • to help each other in our research by disrupting neoliberal individualization
  • to provide mentoring for graduate students
  • redefine the politics and practices of education

Within the AGORA centre several researchers conduct research around questions of social exclusion as well as mental health and welfare/wellbeing. Interestingly we are raising critical questions related to imperatives of social justice as well as mental health politics and practices in education and in society.

The AGORA Centre is also the Helsinki centre for the Nordic Centre of Excellence: Justice through Education in the Nordic Countries. See more at JustEd WebSite.